B2B platform for convenient ordering of IT equipment

The platform is intended for businesses that want to quickly order IT equipment and receive it tomorrow. All products are in our warehouse. The product range of MDP CLOUD includes all IT products, which includes more than 50,000 items.

MDP CLOUD B2B allows you to easily and very quickly order IT equipment

Good availability of IT products from more than 700 suppliers, including the most popular product categories: from laptops to software, from servers to storage. All products are available 24/7 on the MDP CLOUD B2B platform, which features simple tools, fast credit processing and very fast delivery.

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The convenience provided by the MDP CLOUD B2B platform

Rights for workers

The B2B platform has the ability to grant different user rights to your company's departments and/or individual employees.

Order only goods of the desired manufacturer

MDP CLOUD allows you to restrict your employees from buying only products of a certain category and/or of a certain manufacturer.

Price cuts

The system allows you to set certain price ranges for the category and/or manufacturer. For example allows you to buy only Dell 24' monitors, the price of which is between 150 and 300 EUR.

Cart confirmation

In the MDP system, it is possible to set that the product basket can only be approved by an administrator authorized by your company.

Who uses the MDP CLOUD B2B platform

These are innovative business organizations that need to order IT equipment for their employees very quickly. In frequent cases, either the customer himself or our specialist configures the rights for your employees and they themselves see only those goods that they can order, thus saving time for selection and ordering, there is no need to waste time on approvals, permits, etc.

What are the benefits for companies using MDP CLOUD B2B?

Employees of the company order only those products that your IT department recommends or that our product manager recommends after evaluating the equipment currently used in your organization. Therefore, the equipment also meets the requirements of the IT department and the employee likes it, because he himself chooses from several options (color, size, etc.).

All products are in place

All products are in our warehouse, so all products are delivered tomorrow.

Billing and credit limit

Each customer is evaluated individually and the best conditions are offered to him.


The more you buy, the bigger the discount you get.